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Applike Device/Account Limit etc.

GettySwooch » Sat May 05, 2018 12:07 am

So I've been using applike for a couple months now and have it figured out mostly. I was banned temporarily a few weeks back due to cashing out rewards to the same paypal account using 3-4 different accounts. Im able to use it again just fine but im hesitant to run it on more than one phone now. My question is what are the specific stipulations when it comes to device and account limits? The terms of service on their website says that you can only have one account and thats really all it says. Is there any discrepencies when it comes to your connection/IP or theoretically can someone set up multiple accounts on multiple devices and then cash out to seperate amazon/paypal accounts and be ok using the same internet connection? apologies for the length of post, any responses appreciated.