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Achievements (daily or weekly or overall) bonus w/poll

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Achievements (daily or weekly or overall) bonus w/poll

bboytech@youtube » Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:39 pm


Forum Posts:
(daily) Make 1 post earn 5 points
(daily) make 10 post earn 10 points
(daily) make 30 post earn 10 points
Forum Polls
(daily) Make a poll post earn 2 points
(daily) vote on 10 polls earn 10 points
Archives Votes
(overall) vote on 3 apps earn 1 point
(overall) vote on 10 apps earn 3 points
(overall) vote on 20 apps earn 9 points
(overall) vote on 30 apps earn 13 points
Archive Corrections
(overall) Make your 1st Archive correction earn 10 points
(overall) Make your 10th and earn 25 points
keep going if you want
Videos & Offers
(daily) Do one video earn 5 points
(daily) do one offer earn 5 points
(overall) earn X amount from videos and earn 50 points (repeat for ever 2times 3 times the x if wanted)